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ScanaQuad Logic analyzers and ScanaStudio software let you capture digital signals, analyze them in depth or generate test patterns. That will help you get your embedded system up and running, quickly!

SQ100, SQ50, SQ25 have been discontinued,
please inquire about availability

IkaLogic SQ200 -4-Kanal Datenlogger 200 MHz

4 Kanäle
200 MHz
4 M Speicher/Kanal

IkaLogic SP209 -4-Kanal Datenlogger 100 MHz

4 Kanäle
100 MHz
2 M Speicher/Kanal

IkaLogic SP209 -4-Kanal Datenlogger 50 MHz

4 Kanäle
50 MHz
1 M Speicher/Kanal

IkaLogic ScanaQuad SQ 25 - Allice Messtechnik

4 Kanäle
25 MHz
256 k Speicher/Kanal

  • Signalerfassung & Signalgenerierung, auch gleichzeitig möglich
  • Umfangreicher Protokoll Trigger
  • mehr als 30 Protokolle wie I2C, RS232, CAN 1-wire, JTAG,…
  • Microklemmen und USB Kabel im Lieferumfang enthalten

ScanaQuad Logic analyzer lets you capture, generate or do both simultaneously. Easily debug your serial interface or stimulate your circuit with test patterns and check its response. ScanaQuad series of logic analyzers and signalsgenerators are 4 channel, USB powered devices that allow you to capture signals, visualize and analyze them on a host computer software, and generate signals. Generated signals may be arbitrarily created signals, or alternatively, user may play back previously captured signals.

ScanaQuad offers an intuitive way of analyzing logic signals, backed with exciting features like enhanced ±35V input protection, adjustable input threshold, direct connection to RS232/485, CAN and LIN buses, ability to trigger on aspecific protocols (like a UART word or an I2C address). The signal generator end was designed to be very versatile: Precise control over loop point can be achieved as well as the ability to generate arbitrary signals on any number of channels while recording the result on the others.

channels of Input/output 4444
Max. Sampling rate200 MHz100 MHz50 MHz25 MHz
Memory per channel4M2M1M256 K
Digital pattern generatorjajajaja
Mixed mode (Capture + Generate)jajajaja
Input protection± 35V± 35V± 12V± 12V
Trigger optionsEdge, Level, Pulse, arbitrary pattern , serial protocolEdge, Level, Pulse, arbitrary pattern , serial protocolEdge, Level, Pulse, arbitrary pattern , serial protocolEdge, Level, Pulse
Adjustable in/out voltagejajaja-
Adjustable input resistancejaja--
Open drain output with optional pull upjaja--
Differential input pairs2100
Preise (€) zuzügl. MwSt199,-119,-
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Verfügbarkeit bitte anfragen
Verfügbarkeit bitte anfragen
NachfolgeModell: SA54 4 Kanal Datenlogger 50MSPS
129,00 € zuzügl. MwSt
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IkaLogic ScanaStudio Software

Trigger on I2C adress (ScanaQuad in 5 Minuten)

Mixed Mode (ScanaQuad in 5 Minuten)

Generate Signals (ScanaQuad in 5 Minuten)

Creating your own protocol decoder (ScanaQuad in 5 Minuten)