The R&S®RTP high-performance oscilloscope combines high-class signal integrity with a fast acquisition rate. The Rohde & Schwarz designed frontend components enable an expandable oscilloscope platform from 4 GHz to 16 GHz. Dedicated acquisition and processing ASICs and a highprecision digital trigger deliver an industry-leading acquisition rate of approx. 1 million waveforms/s.
The R&S®RTP is the world’s first oscilloscope to compensate the impairment of the signal contacting in realtime while maintaining the high acquisition rate. Hardwarebased compensation filters are configured using user-applied S-parameters. With the R&S®RTP, it is even possible to trigger on deembedded signals.

Rohde & Schwarz RTP Oszilloskop
  • Bandbreite: 4 GHz bis 16 GHz
  • Max. Abtastrate: 20 Gsample/s
  • Max. Speichertiefe: 2 Gsample